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We produce educational audio interviews, free to Australian healthcare professionals. Our medical editors are joined in conversation by key opinion leaders to discuss the latest clinical data and its application to clinical practice. Our interviews are a convenient and time saving solution to stay current with the latest healthcare news. We welcome healthcare professionals to subscribe to our programs for free. Learn More


Our Programs

Programs feature a collection of concise audio interviews addressing current healthcare topics. Interviews are produced by a team of experienced medical writers, broadcasters and doctors, committed to bringing healthcare professionals quality clinical information and practical resources. Some programs are registered for continuing professional development with relevant professional bodies. Click on the program links below to learn more.


Our Interview Hosts

Experienced medical broadcasters host our audio interviews, moderating engaging and educational discussions with leading experts and key opinion leaders.


Listening Options

Content is provided exclusively for healthcare professionals; therefore, subscription is required to access our programs.


Once subscribed, all programs are available to listen or download online, as podcasts or opt to receive our complimentary audio CDs. Learn more.

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Listen to leading medical experts, anywhere, anytime. Most of our subscribers listen whilst driving, delivering comprehensive, educational information at a time convenient to you.



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Exclusively for Australian healthcare professionals

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