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How to download our podcasts

Our podcasts are only available for healthcare professionals, which means they are not available via the iTunes store. Instead, please follow these instructions to subscribe to our podcasts using podcast URLs (RSS feeds). Once subscribed, our podcasts will be delivered to your device automatically when a new program or interview is published.

On a computer: Open iTunes, choose ‘Subscribe to Podcast’ from the ‘File’ menu and insert the ‘podcast URL' for the podcast you want to receive. All podcast URLs are listed below, copy the URL for the program you want to receive and manually enter it into your podcast player.

On a mobile device (iPhones and iPads): In the Podcasts app for iOS, which is a free app from the app store (click on the purple icon), enter the ‘podcast URL’ for the podcast you want to receive into the search field in ‘Add Podcasts’. All podcast URLs are listed below. Or if you are on your device, you can click on the ‘Podcast Feed Link’ which is also listed below, to automatically open the podcast in your podcast player.

podcast app Image-1

On a mobile device (Android): Instructions on how to subscribe to our podcasts on an android device will vary depending on the podcast app being used. Here are instructions for two of the most common apps. All Drivetime podcast URLs are listed below. Please note; currently it is not possible to manually add a podcast URL in to Google Play Music.

Podcast Addict: Tap the + sign in the top right. Then choose “Add RSS Feed” and paste in the URL of the RSS feed. Tap “Add”.

Podcast Addict

Pocket Casts: Paste the URL of the feed into the search field and hit search. Done!

Pocket Casts download (1)

The podcast URLs (RSS feeds) for each program are listed here

You must be logged in to access the podcast URLs, if you can't see them, login (or subscribe and login).

Note; If you click on the ‘Podcast Feed Link' on your computer (and not a mobile device) you will be diverted to a code page, simply close that page and follow the instructions for ‘on a computer' above.

For other ways to listen, go to the Listening Options page located in the main menu.

Exclusively for Australian healthcare professionals

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