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Drivetime Specialty is a free educational audio program covering a range of topics relevant to various medical specialists & physicians. Listen to our experienced medical broadcasters, moderating engaging discussions with leading experts.

Current programs include:

  • Neurology – hosted by Prof Mark Cook, Neurologist, Melbourne
  • Ophthalmology – hosted by Prof Paul Mitchell, Ophthalmologist, Sydney
  • Psychiatry – hosted by Prof Malcolm Hopwood, Psychiatrist, Melbourne
  • Respiratory – hosted by Prof John Upham, Respiratory Physician, Brisbane

More disciplines coming soon……

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Resp.3The relevance of the Salford Lung Study to every day clinical practice (29 mins)
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NEW Respiratory. The first interview in this new series discusses ‘The Salford Lung Study’, one of the largest studies in asthma ever conducted in primary care. We discuss the design and key findings with the chief investigator, Dr David Leather, so you can stay up-to-date on the go.

Hosted by

Professor John Upham


  • Dr David Leather, General Practitioner, London, GSKDr David Leather, General Practitioner, London, GSK

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Exclusively for Australian healthcare professionals

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